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Personal Branding is a Lens

Personal Branding is a way of looking at things. It is a lens through which we can interpret and decide if actions and behaviors are good or not. Most of the things about personal branding we already know about – but we dont always know what to apply and when. A personal branding lens groups and guides our thoughts and actions. It’s actually very exciting because I can now prioritize what I do using this “branding” lens.

I was thinking about this today when I set up my first Squidoo page. Squidoo is a site set up by that marketing genius, author and agent of change Seth Godin. It allows you to set up any number pages which they call a “Lens”. These lenses are just a particular persons view of things – their perspective. So I think Personal Branding concepts are a lens which gets placed on our lives and our careers. And I know that when we have a “focus” things are easier.

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