Personal Branding Is More than Differentiation

We are all told that we need to differentiate ourselves in the market so that we can stand apart from the competition and get noticed. This is all well and good – but sometimes I dont always understand what it means. My friend Rosalind (The Brand Whisperer) has told me on several occasions that I must find my true self and the personality that goes with it to really make a mark and be truly and effectively branded. I think I just now realized what she is talking about. In the past I reflected on my “unique” skills and imagined that my combination of efforts would be enough to make me stand out. I was wrong about just referring to my skills. I read today that a brand is the one thing that you own that nobody can take away from you. Most everything can be taken from you including physical items, trade secrets, patents, and especially technical skills. Technology changes and then you have nothing. Our brand is based not so much on “what” we do but on our personalities and what we aspire to become.


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