Twitter Tips for Personal Branding

I have been reflecting on how to be most effective on Twitter – and to use Twitter to convey my brand. Since my primary trade is a software architect – I immediately recognize what I think are best practices – in fact are probably patterns for success on Twitter. So here they are:

  • First start with an interesting design. You can customize the Twitter page using what Twitter gives you. Or you can upload a custom background. I uploaded a simple image of the ocean – an image large enough to cover the entire background even when the browser is enlarged. Many others seem to upload images that have a lot of personal information about themself. See Chris Brogan’s page for example. Try viewing the background image to see what he is uploading. Im not entirely certain how these images are actually created. I have to report back later.
  • Include a concise (Ha Ha Ha) profile that describes your brand. Make these words count. Sometimes, I use these words to make entire judgments about fellow Twitterers. Expressions like “Having Fun, Hanging Out” do not promote your brand. Say something significant so that others can follow you easily.
  • Customize your Twitter ID. Mine is I recommend that you use your own name – but without the underscore. (There seems to be some other jeffreyblake out there who grabbed it before me). So it behooves you to capture your name sooner than later. This is good advice for all the social networking sites. You are the brand – use your name or at least your tagline.
  • Enter your real name so that when you are listed people don’t have difficulty identifying you.
  • Upload a clear professional image of yourself. As a rule I don’t follow people who have goofy avatars or don’t wear shirts in their image – In fact, just like on linkedin I have a habit of removing those connections to protect my brand.
  • Dont protect your updates. I think its important to share your ideas and fully take credit for them.
  • As for Tweets – say something pertinent. Have a conversation. Add value when you can. Have a hundred relevant comments before you tell me what you are having for dinner.
  • Follow everyone relevant to you. I started twittering because of Guy Kawasaki after hearing him talk about his new company Ideally, have real conversations with these people. In time these connections can expand to Linkedin or Facebook and beyond.
  • Learn the Twitter Etiquette whatever that is. I enjoyed this one which had some relevant points.
  • Cross advertise yourself in your blog, your website or in your social net profiles. Add your twitter address into your emails.

Go forth and converse!

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One response to “Twitter Tips for Personal Branding

  1. Some really great tips on twitter! I also think that using your name and your photo is very important. I don’t want to talk to a cartoon, who are you?

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