Whats in a Personal Brand Tagline?

Taglines aren’t just for companies – they are for individuals. A tagline is a very short expression that conveys meaning to your audience. When developing a career we can use these short expressions in conversation or on our business cards to quickly help others understand who and what we are. A good tagline starts a conversation and provides context for everything that follows. Without any further preamble (Just do it), I am going to list some qualities of a good tagline.

Simple – A tagline should be very short – no more than 9 words.
Succinct – A tagline is to the point and not long winded.
Clear – A tagline is immediately understood.
Original – A tagline is not a stale reused expression.
Authentic – A tagline is genuine and conveys real values about you.
Positive – A tagline is best when expressed highlighting the good
Memorable – A tagline is useless if its forgetable.
Believeable – A tagline is credible.

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