Personal Branding is Outcome Thinking

Personal Branding – especially for your career has to do with setting and achieving goals. In essence – getting things done. We are not used to setting our own goals – more often we are buffeted about by forces around us. But branding ourselves in our career is about setting some personal goals and actually accomplishing them. In David Allen’s book Getting Things Done he uses a term called “Outcome Thinking”. He says “Thinking in a concentrated manner to define desired outcomes is something few people feel they have to do. But in truth, outcome thinking is one of the most effective means available for making wishes a reality“. Its probably another topic – but a person who sets and achieves their own goals is a person that people respect – they make an impression – which is one of the main goals of branding. And David reminds us that when we think of the desired outcome first before acting – we can more easily accomplish what we set out to do.

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